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Relating to or of the form or structure of a ligament.
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adjective Referring to, associated with, or characterised by ligaments.
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Relating to or of the form or structure of a ligament.
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1. Of the characteristics of LIGAMENTS.
2. Pertaining to a ligament or ligaments.
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Patient discussion about ligamentous

Q. Is ligament heating better than an arthroscopic surgery? I have a partial tear in my left knee (acl) and they wanna operate on me. I heard heating it can solve the problem. is it true?

A. i never heard of "ligament heating" from what i know- ligament has limited ability to regenerate. if partially torn it may need only physiotherapy and care. but if it's torn more then it can heal by itself- you need surgery. this is why there's orthopedics- to evaluate the situation, give you a diagnosis and the recommended treatment. it's always good to second guess because they are only human. you can ask other orthopedics and see what they say.

Q. I did a bad movement with my knee during a ball game. How can I know if I damaged the knee ligaments? 4 hours ago I played basketball. I did a great jump but when I landed I felt a very sharp knee pain? How can I know if I damaged the ligaments there?

A. The only way to know for sure is to check! Can estimate the severity of the problem. Is your knee red? Is it hot? Is it swollen? Does the pain have the same severity or does the pain increase with time? If you answered one of those questions with a 'yes' several hours after the injury, you should probably talk to your GP

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In addition to the ligamentous and potential bony disruption that occurs, the hyperextension of the carpus also results in increased widening of the space of Poirier.
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Our case, atypical for its bilateral symptomology and its resolution over developmental time, lends credence to ligamentous laxity playing a role, at least initially, in the emergence of our patient's symptoms but does not explain its natural history.
Although there is a possibility that knee braces predispose motocross athletes to femur fracture, we do not recommend that these athletes discontinue knee brace wear as they have proven effective in protecting against ligamentous knee injury.
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