Struthers, Sir John

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Sir John, Scottish anatomist, 1823-1899.
ligament of Struthers - a fibrous band located on the medial aspect of the distal humerus.
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Although there are several locations for median nerve entrapment like ligament of struthers, anomalous arteries, and muscles, but the pronator syndrome remains the most common reason for compression neuropathies of median nerve in the forearm.
The ligament of Struthers was first described as a fibrous band extending from the supracondylar (supracondyloid) process or spur on the anteromedial aspect of the humerus downwards to the medial epicondyle [7] which occurs in <2% of humans.
Several cases of median nerve entrapment have been attributed to the presence of ligament of Struthers. The ligament of Struthers complex is well known to cause neurovascular compression syndromes.
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