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v to raise a client's body or body part above its starting position. Used to facilitate practitioner access to the client's body; helpful in controlling circulation.

Patient discussion about lifting

Q. how does physical training, as lifting weight effects your body?

A. It increases the mass of the trained muscles, so you may gain weight, but the percentage of fat decreases. It also makes the body spend more calories after the exercise and during rest (although this effect m may be more subtle than once was thought to be).

Weight lifting may also improve your ability to control your muscles, standing and gait.

You should know that there's a fundamental difference between aerobic exercise (e.g. running, swimming) and anaerobic exercise (e.g. weight lifting). While the first improves mainly the heart, the latter affects mainly the exercised muscles

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Q. how do you lift your spirit during those tough days of economic depression?

A. just find an activity that will take your mind off things.(i.e.)fishing,games,puzzles,camping,etc.

Q. Where should i go when i feel down and lonely? is there like an independence way to lift my spirit?

A. I spend a lot of time in "my room". It has a window to look out and a comfortable chair to sit and think in. I can shut the door to get real quiet. I can read and study things. Reading gets my mind off of down feelings. There is also a time for going out walking. It frees my mind. When I come back I seem to have a new perspective on things. Sometimes I go and sit out in the woods for awhile where I live. I like listening to the birds and nature sounds. Its nice to see clouds going by in the sky or the stars at night. If something's really bothering you, call on someone you can trust and talk it out. Just find that activity that suits you best and get busy at it.

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In new repair shops, the capacity of overhead cranes or other lifting devices can be minimized when mobile lifts are used.
The Burke Lift system will simplify precast/prestress lifting, and just may be the most innovative lifting product in more than 30 years," contends Meadow Burke President Jan Olsen.
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Maintain a wide base of support--your feet should be at least 12 inches apart when lifting or moving a resident or heavy object.
In the world of power lifting there are four primary international organizations.
Many women think they can build muscles by lifting soup cans.
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Partnering classes are where you're supposed to be taught lifting techniques.