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The set of habits and customs that is influenced by the life-long process of socialization, including social use of substances such as alcohol and tobacco, dietary habits, and exercise, all of which have important implications for health.
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The constellation of habitual activities unique to a person, which lend consistency to activities, behaviour, manners of coping, motivation, and thought processes, and define the way in which he/she lives; lifestyle activities include diet, level of physical activity, substance abuse, social and personal interactions
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Habits and customs influenced by the lifelong process of socialization, including social use of alcohol and tobacco, dietary habits, and exercise, all of which have important implications for health.
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Set of habits and customs influenced by life-long process of socialization, including social use of substances such as alcohol and tobacco, and exercise.
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Patient discussion about lifestyle

Q. My friends’ life style has been affected by bipolar disorder. My friends’ life style has been affected by bipolar disorder. Is that true that a lifestyle affect by bipolar?

A. When you are diagnosed and being treated for Bipolar disorder your lifestyle will change rather drastically. In order to stay healthy a person with bipolar disorder must refrain from drinking and doing drugs they must also get plenty of sleep and rest. These changes can be difficult for some friends but you also have to look at the alternatives. Be patient with your friend and find things you can do together that takes your friends health into consideration.

Q. what are the best diet that i can use in my every day life style should I eat less or some of the day or what

A. when you get hungry,try small snacks,like fruit or yogart,stay away from junk food,start walking like at your lunch break,when you get home,when ever you get a chance just be more activego for a jog.

Q. How long will our leaders continue sanction this clearly immoral lifestyle? I did research on hetro-sexual lifestyle and found many interesting facts. I do not approve that and we all know the HERETO-sexual lifestyle leads to alcoholism, drug addiction, STDs including AIDS, fatherless children, poverty and spousal abuse. How long will our leaders continue to sanction this clearly immoral lifestyle? I am getting sick on this and I think our future generations would suffer a lot. I have been doing this for quite a while but I think it is time for me to garner some feedback on the issue. Well if you people in this forum have some social responsibilities please share your views.

A. wow-wow-i did not no people like this existed,this is deep?...there has to be a problem here with the way you were brought up,as a child....i would really suggest that you get some help...bad things and good things happen to all of us....hetero-people...what happens if you take away the heterosexuals?.....human beings are not perfect,we all make in the united state-we have problems,but if we work together(help each other)things will start to change---a hand full of bad people,can make us all look bad.the news companys make it seem worst than it really one time in our history(usa)one set of people kept another set of people in slavery(the southern state)for 300yrs....when the northern states got rid of people were pushed a side,we were hanged on trees...we were shot...our churches were burned down...our woman were raped...we couldnt vote...and we couldnt get jobs...and also our leaders were killed..for wanting to change things----people who look d

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She said that lifestyle medicine had a lot to do in the management of overweight and depression for effective results.
"These results should not alter the message about the importance of a healthy lifestyle to lower the risk of dementia," he said.
Two years from now, that number will hit more than a million sqm of retail space, said Graham Coates, first vice president and head of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.
Currently, Megaworld has 17 lifestyle malls all over the country, which includes Eastwood Mall and Eastwood Citywalk--its first two--as well as Uptown Mall in Taguig, Lucky Chinatown in Binondo, and Festive Walk Mall in Iloilo, just to name a few.
A hypothetical example of someone considered to be living a healthy lifestyle would be someone who does not currently smoke, and cycles at a normal pace for two-and-a-half hours a week.
However it appears that you may be able to substantially reduce your dementia risk by living a healthy lifestyle," said Dr David Llewellyn, another lead author of the study.
Mamtani said: "It's not cancer and heart disease that kill people but poor nutrition and a lack of exercise; the real killers are poor lifestyle choices.
After the success of our first 'KT For Good' campaign in January, which saw unprecedented response and support from our readers to make UAE roads safer, the second chapter of the year-long 'KT for Good' campaign focuses on the growing menace of lifestyle diseases.
More than 200 people have been successfully treated at the two Lifestyle Clinics that take place on a regular basis at Nad Al Hammar and Al Barsha Primary Healthcare Centres.
As you'd expect, this approach includes "a predominantly wholefood, plant-based diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substance use, and other non-drug modalities." But, argues Rob Lawson, a retired Scottish GP and chairman of British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, "Lifestyle medicine is not complementary or alternative - it's mainstream".
Lahore -- Lifestyle medicine is the evidence based medical specialty that uses predominantly whole food plant based diet, adequate sleep, stress management, regular exercise/ physical activity, avoidance of risky substance use and social support to prevent, treat and reverse non-communicable disease.