lifelong learning

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 [lern´ing] (pl. learn·ing)
education (def. 2).
the acquisition of knowledge.
learning disorders a group of disorders characterized by academic functioning that is substantially below the level expected on the basis of the patient's chronological age, measured intelligence, and age-appropriate education.
lifelong learning the continuation of the process of education throughout life.

lifelong learning

Learning that continues after formal education ends and fosters professional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, and leadership skills.
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The Lifelong Learning Academy offers educational opportunities for adults.
The School of Lifelong Learning offers a wide range of flexible options and courses to suit any prospective student.
Many strategies have been proposed on how to foster lifelong learning (Davis, Taylor, & Reyes, 2013; Haylock, 2008).
In 1972, UNESCO published Learning to be which was the first time that UNESCO promoted the concept of lifelong learning (Faure, Herrera, Kaddoura, Lopes, Petrovsky, Rahnema & Ward 1972).
The kind of people who study in the lifelong learning sector vary greatly too.
Although the idea of lifelong learning and lifelong education has been there since long, but the academic community has witnessed a renewed interest and increased research in this area of vital importance (Sun, 2008; Kirby, Knapper, Lamon and Egnatoff, 2010; Bhola, 2006; Knapper and Cropley, 2000).
Although employers may facilitate the processes of lifelong learning and continuing competence, the responsibility for personal development ultimately lies with us.
She said: "In a fast moving world where technology continues to transform our lives, it is critical that the lifelong learning sector is aware of these changes and embeds technology in the way it teaches and helps people to learn.
The study should lead to the conclusion that Slovak industrial companies which apply lifelong learning are reaching higher development level as learning organizations.
The SKN, which is designed to facilitate lifelong learning and knowledge management by bringing commanders, Soldiers, and support staff the information they need, further supports the generation, application, management, and exploitation of CSS and Army knowledge to foster collaboration among CSS Soldiers and units.
Online Education for Lifelong Learning, by Yukiko Inoue (Ed.
Each pounds 25 course is being run by Bell's acclaimed Centre For Lifelong Learning.

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