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There is a danger that they might harbour microbes from Earth that could spread to the Martian surface and confuse further efforts to distinguish Martian life-forms from those of Earth.
London, December 9 ( ANI ): The first replicating life-forms on the planet may have originated deep underground, a study has suggested.
For in a sense images do indeed behave like species or life-forms.
BREAKING OUT If Russell and Martin's theory has any chance of being right, naked, rock-cradled life-forms must at some point have invented the biochemistry required to produce their own membranes.
Fossils like these often help solve mysteries of evolution--the development or change of life-forms over long periods of time.
This is no small step; never before have we decided on purpose to wipe out an entire life-form.
Upon its return trip to planet Earth, the massive vessel "Vehicle Aki" is suddenly rocked by an inter-stellar shock wave which allows a hostile alien life-form to penetrate the ship's defense mechanisms.
They've merely temporarily halted plans to use information drawn from their studies to create a new life-form.
Before attempting to create a new life-form in the laboratory, one group of scientists is pausing to allow reflection on the consequences of such an effort.
NNA - 20/2/2011 Head of the Lebanese Astronomical Association Roger Hajjar summed up that "it will be a question of time before life-forms could be found in the Universe.