life expectancy

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the expected value or probability of occurrence for a specific event.
life expectancy the number of years, based on statistical averages, that a given person of a specific age, class, or other demographic variable may be expected to continue living.
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life expectancy

The number of years that an individual is expected to live as determined by statistics.
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life expectancy

Longevity, period life expectancy Epidemiology The average length of life of persons in a population; the average number of yrs of life remaining for a population of persons, all of age x, and all subject for the remainder of their lives to the observed age-specific death rates corresponding to a current life table. See Life table.
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life expectancy

A statistical estimate of the number of years a person, of any particular age, is likely to live.
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Q. what is the life expectancy of a person with chronic bronchioectasis

A. depends on how severe are the your body reacts to those infections and what is the cause of those infections (cystic fibrosis??). i think only the therapist treating you can estimate. and even so - there are ways to prevent recurring infections. can slow the process of destruction and even stop it completely.

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The National Audit Office says there is a "pattern of inequality in healthy life expectancy at birth, whereby the estimate falls in line with the increasing deprivation".
life expectancy differed between certain HIV subgroups studied.
General trends in responses showed that medical professionals generally underestimate their patients' life expectancy. Across all 700 responses to the clinical scenarios, the difference between the actual and estimated life expectancy ranged from −19.3 to 13.6, with a mean of −2.0 years (standard deviation [SD] 6.1), The coefficient relating actual survival time to estimated survival time was −0.57, (p < 0.001), suggesting that physicians are more likely to underestimate life expectancy as actual survival time increases.
White-black differences in life expectancy vary by state and sex (Figures 1 and 2).
Among ethnic groups, Asian-Americans enjoy a life expectancy of 87.3 years, compared with 74.3 years for African-Americans.
A report to be presented to Wirral Council's cabinet tomorrow also said Wirral was not on track to meet its life expectancy target.
Being seriously overweight may reduce a person's life expectancy even more than smoking, according to a report by 250 leading scientists.
In Caerphilly, healthy life expectancy at birth for men has dropped from 58.6 years in 2012-14, to 55.2 years in 2015-17, and Blaenau Gwent has seen a drop from 56.1 years to 54.1 years, meaning men in the area can expect the fewest years of good health.
For women, life expectancy at birth in Newport has dropped from 82.4 years in 2012-14 to 81.8 years in 2015-17.
The difference between the average life expectancy of women and men in Bulgaria is exactly 7 years in favor of the female, with the ladies in our country registering an average age of survival of 78.4 years, while for the men the statistics report 71.4 years.
They found women who walked briskly had a life expectancy of 86.7 to 87.8 years old, and men who kept up the pace had a life expectancy of 85.2 to 86.8.