splenic artery

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splen·ic ar·ter·y

origin, celiac trunk; branches, pancreatic, left gastroepiploic, short gastric, and (proper) splenic. See: great segmental medullary artery.

splen·ic ar·te·ry

(splen'ik ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
Origin, celiac trunk; branches, pancreatic, left gastroepiploic, short gastric, and (proper) splenic.
Synonym(s): arteria lienalis [TA] , lienal artery.

splenic artery

A branch of the celiac artery; it runs to the left, under the stomach and along the pancreas to the hilum of the spleen where it divides into six or more branches. It supplies blood to the spleen, stomach, omentum, and pancreas.
See: circulation (Circulation of blood through heart and major vessels) for illus.
See also: artery


pertaining to the spleen.

splenic abscess
caused by hematogenous spread of an infection elsewhere, by penetration by a foreign body from the reticulum in cattle, by ulceration from the stomach in the horse. Manifested by fever and toxemia, pain on palpation over the spleen and by a positive paracentesis sample.
splenic artery
see Table 9.
splenic corpuscle
lymph nodules in the splenic matrix.
splenic displacement
may be detectable on palpation. Usually caused by displacement of the stomach or intestine to which the spleen is attached.
splenic enlargement
splenic fever
splenic hyperfunction
splenic meridian points
acupuncture points situated along the splenic meridian.
splenic phosphodiesterase
a ribonuclease that is a 5′→3′ exonuclease.
splenic rupture
only likely in a grossly enlarged spleen, e.g. in bovine viral leukosis.
splenic torsion
a twisting or rotation of the spleen on its vascular pedicle, often in association with gastric dilatation-volvulus in large breed dogs, results in primarily venous congestion and possibly thrombosis and infarction. Clinical signs include abdominal distention and pain, vomiting, and in acute cases cardiovascular collapse and shock.
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The numbers of gastric arteries, main ramifications of the lienal artery, as well as the origin of the celiac artery are independent of the sex of the animal.