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Relating to the spleen.
Synonym(s): lienal, splenetic (1)
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Relating to the spleen.
Synonym(s): lienal.
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(li'en) [L. lien, spleen]
The spleen. lienal (li-en-al), adjective

lien accessorius

Accessory spleen.

lien mobilis

Floating spleen.
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Pertaining to the SPLEEN.
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The lienal artery emerged in one way form emitting more frequently 2 main branches.
The celiac artery is divided in three branches: the hepatic artery, the lienal artery and the left gastric artery.
Statistical Analysis: To verify if the distribution of frequencies observed for the 30 examined animals is in accordance with the literature, we applied a tack test proceeded by the [chi square] test (qui-square) with a level of significance of 5% to test if the nullity hypothesis is true for the number of gastric arteries, the origin of the celiac artery and the number of main ramifications of the lienal artery.