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Relating to the spleen.
Synonym(s): lienal, splenetic (1)


Relating to the spleen.
Synonym(s): lienal.


(li'en) [L. lien, spleen]
The spleen. lienal (li-en-al), adjective

lien accessorius

Accessory spleen.

lien mobilis

Floating spleen.


Pertaining to the SPLEEN.
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The celiac artery is divided in three branches: the hepatic artery, the lienal artery and the left gastric artery.
Statistical Analysis: To verify if the distribution of frequencies observed for the 30 examined animals is in accordance with the literature, we applied a tack test proceeded by the [chi square] test (qui-square) with a level of significance of 5% to test if the nullity hypothesis is true for the number of gastric arteries, the origin of the celiac artery and the number of main ramifications of the lienal artery.
It was observed a variation that consisted of the existence of two left gastric arteries associated with the hepatic and lienal arteries in 3 animals (10%).