lidocaine HCl

lidocaine HCl (cardiac)

(lī´dōkān´ kar´dēak),
n brand names: Lidopen, Xylocaine, Xylocard;
drug class: antidysrhythmic (Class IB);
action: increases electrical stimulation threshold of ventricle and His-Purkinje system, which stabilizes cardiac membrane and decreases automaticity and excitability of ventricles;
uses: ventricular tachycardia, ventricular dysrhythmias during cardiac surgery, cardiac catheterization.

lidocaine HCl (local),

n brand names: Dalcaine, Dilocaine, Lidoject, Octocain, Xylocaine, Xylocaine-MPF;
drug class: amide local anesthetic;
action: inhibits ion fluxes across membranes, particularly sodium transport across cell membrane, decreases rise of depolarization phase of action potential, blocks nerve action potential;
uses: local dental anesthesia, peripheral nerve block; caudal anesthesia; epidural, spinal, surgical anesthesia.

lidocaine HCl (topical),

n brand name: Xylocaine Viscous;
drug class: topically acting local anesthetic, amide;
action: inhibits nerve impulses from sensory nerves, which produces anesthesia;
uses: topical anesthesia of inflamed or irritated mucous membranes; to reduce gag reflex in dental radiologic examination or in dental impressions.
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Tenders are invited for Gel Lidocaine Hcl 2Precent 30 Gm
It was reported yesterday that the company has received the contract to become its exclusive distributor of Lidocaine products, including Lidocaine Base and Lidocaine HCl in the US and Puerto Rico.
The kit's active ingredients are comparable to those found in the most routinely prepared formulation of magic mouthwash (Benadryl, lidocaine and Maalox): preweighed lidocaine HCl powder, preweighed diphenhydramine HC1 powder and a premeasured soothing suspension similar to Maalox.
5 mg lidocaine HCl monohydrate) intradermal injection system for reduction of pain associated with venous access procedures in children aged 3-18 years.
NASDAQ: HITK), a specialty pharmaceuticals company, announced today that the US Food and Drug Administration, (FDA) granted final approval for the Company's Abbreviated New Drug Application, (ANDA) for sterile lidocaine HCl jelly, 2%, the generic for APP Pharmaceuticals LLC's Xylocaine[R].
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 25, 2011-Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co Inc awarded final FDA approval for lidocaine HCl jelly for painful urethritis(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Company % Anesthetic Dentsply 2 Lidocaine HCl 2 Lidocaine 2 Lidocaine 2 Mepivacaine HCl 3 Mepivacaine HCl 4 Prilocaine HCl 4 Prilocaine Denisply UK 2 Lidocaine 2 Lidocaine 3 Prilocaine HCl Sep rodent 2 Lidocaine HCl USA 2 Lidocaine HCl 2 Mepivacaine HCl 3 Mepivacaine HCl 4 Articaine HCl (Silver) 4 Articaine HCl (Gold) 0.
The compounding kit contains preweighed lidocaine HCl powder, preweighed diphenhydramine HCl powder and a premeasured soothing suspension that the company says is similar to Maalox.
Tenders are invited for 24 case, ecosoft c-fold towel white wausau paper, 2400/cs; 120 box, earloop exam mask, pink level 1, 50/bx; 2 ea, lidocaine hcl 2% epi, 1:100,000, red; 4 ea, lidocaine ointment topical anesthetic 5%, mint 50gm, rx; 8 box, carbocaine 3% plain, 1.
Due to the use of lidocaine HCl as a diluent, INVANZ administered intramuscularly is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to local anesthetics of the amide type.
The LidoSite Topical System consists of a single-use, pre-filled LidoSite Patch, filled with Lidocaine HCl 10% and Epinephrine 0.