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Authorization by a governmental or other regulatory agency that allows a person, group of persons, or enterprise to carry out a particular activity; the certificate itself. See Revoked license, Unrestricted license.
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, licence (līsĕns)
Legal permission given to professional to practice in specific fields according to rules and regulations of a jurisdiction.
[L. licentia, fr. licet, it is permitted]
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How best to streamline the regulatory process and its costs to ensure that all CPAs are licensed and regulated equally regardless of where they practice or who employs them has been a work in progress for more than a decade.
* One year of general accounting experience supervised by an actively licensed CPA; and
NIPR is working on an address change component that would allow producers to quickly and easily view their demographic data in all licensed states and make changes.
Laws regulating licensed contractors protect the public.
And also like a button license, the presence or absence of a back tag quickly (though not necessarily accurately) indicated whether or not a hunter was licensed. A back tag could be illegally shared by several people, just as button licenses sometimes were.
And that was just the people who bothered to apply: No more than half the country's CB users were licensed at all.
The April issue included: a story on licensing and the movie industry; professional soccer endorsements; sports merchandise retailing; licensing and television programming; the "top 50" licensors; and, licensed domestic apparel.
The world's largest black-owned, licensed sports and character apparel manufacturer is making a name for itself--generating gross revenues of $77.5 million in 1993--by turning out some nouveau styles in baseball caps.
Retailer licenses (also licensed for medical marijuana sales): Chelan County: 5 retailer licenses issued (3 Wenatchee; I Cashmere; I Dryden); 22 additional applications submitted.
* The Licensing Letter Sourcebook, a directory of owners of intellectual property, manufacturers of licensed merchandise, agents, and service providers to those businesses;
Firm registration requires that at least one partner be fully licensed in California.

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