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Fish which is high in vitamin B ia major factor in increasing libido.
Definitely to be shared if you eat them raw - otherwise your breath may be a turn-off - but the humble onion will improve libido, stimulate blood flow and strengthen reproductive organs BASILVOODOO love ceremonies are all about sensuality and basil is the key ingredient.
Loss of libido is a recognised side effect of the Pill and is caused by a lowering of the sex hormone testosterone, responsible for the sex drive in both men and women.
Reports about the Pill's effects on libido first surfaced 15 years ago, says Alan Riley, Professor of Sexual Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire.
Some women do notice a difference in their libido, but the idea that it's purely down to taking the Pill is erroneous," she says.
We feel a lot more research is needed before we can come to the conclusion that contraceptives affect libido.
If you feel like your libido is flagging, try these 10 tips to give it a boost.
These foods are rich in zinc which is great for boosting a flagging libido.
You may be tired, busy or just not in the mood, but initiating foreplay and making sex fun can reignite your passion for each other and switch that failing libido back on.
But it's all very well knowing you should be enjoying regular sex - but when you're tired, your libido is usually the first thing to go.
MEDICATION: Many tricyclic anti-depressants, some contraceptive pills and blood pressure tablets can diminish libido.