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A process in which an object or action is rendered sexually exciting.
Synonym(s): libidinization
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Mogadishu becomes a fantasy space where men from the most powerful state in the world confront a temporary breakdown in their supremacy, with their "libidinization" of technology, and attempt to regain control, order, and "omnipotence." This is the dramatic "pleasure" of the film, the same source of pleasure that lies beneath most thrillers and suspense movies: We are led to desire the restoration of order and control.
The "dangerous" hunger Robin's image incites is the urge to reduce the female subject to a set of fragmentary spectacles, the act of which will bring the spectator, regardless of sex, into the momentary presence of a "forgotten experience." The nature of this forgotten experience, which Barnes describes as a "mirage of an eternal wedding cast on the racial memory," is ambiguous, but clearly it involves a founding moment of "coupling" that is both archetypal and illusionary (or coded as illusionary), and that seems to collapse the historic centralization of the wedded heterosexual dyad and the libidinization of the parent/child dyad that this structure's emergence as the sole authorized social form entailed.
Such poets must have been painfully aware of their societies' paradoxical libidinization of their personae.
KA: And libidinization of the father is the biggest no-no.