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Chaboyer, W., 2004 The Intensive Care Unit Intensive James, H., & Liaison Nurse: Towards a and Kendall, M.
To support the students in their placement each ward area has two to three Student Liaison Nurses. The role of these nurses is to:
Four months for each block was chosen: 1) to ensure the intervention was in place for a reasonable duration in case the impact of the liaison nurse service was gradual; and 2) to account for seasonal variation.
This marketing liaison nurse would, in addition, have to be capable of preparing a very powerful script describing all her products and using positioning techniques to make them stick in the discharge planner's mind.
I WISH to follow up the report on the South Island court liaison nurses' conference in last month's issue (p34).
Health chiefs from Betsi told the inquest that changes were being implemented, including acute liaison nurses being in place to help staff when dealing with patients with learning disabilities, and greater nurse leadership.
Albie Zentveld, Mental Health Liaison nurse, Queanbeyan Hospital
Tracey worked as a registered nurse for Umass Memorial Hospital and as a liaison nurse for Saint Vincent Hospital.
That is why I continued my career as a liaison nurse and a discharge planning nurse, roles that allowed me to better understand the different community partners whose services help people return home.
Hospitals who sign up to Mencap's Getting it Right charter agree to appoint a learning disability liaison nurse, provide awareness training for staff and provide practical information and support to families.
Three are arrhythmia nurses for patients with cardiac rhythm disorders, and one is a cardiac liaison nurse. Over the last year, the BHF has invested in life-saving equipment, including 40 defibrillators, echocardiograph machines and ultrasound machines in North Wales.
For further information, you can contact Sue Hall, critical care liaison nurse on 0151 430 1183 or Pam Plimley, unit secretary on 0151 430 1421..

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