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In health care, denotes legal responsibility (e.g., proper therapy, billing).
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Also, e-commerce operators, who were liable to be registered under clause (ix) of Section 24 of the CGST / SGST Act, 2017 will not be liable to do so until the provision of 'Tax Collection at Source' is enforced.
They can be held personally liable provided that the injured person can prove that their conduct was either negligent or intentional.
In Courtland, the plaintiff sued the franchisee and franchisor, alleging that she was sexually harassed by one of her supervisors, a franchisee employee, and that BWWI should be held vicariously liable for those acts.
On appeal, the 2nd Circuit reversed and held that all three men could be liable under the misappropriation theory, which provides that non-insiders can be liable for insider trading if they are entrusted with material nonpublic information in confidence and they breach a duty to the source of the information for personal gain.
The accident did not proximately cause the infarct, so the wrongdoer is liable only for the chest wall and ankle injuries.
The decedent in this case was liable as a donee under a transfer theory of liability for the gift taxes on a gift he received shortly before his death.
Unsecured Bond Bail amount is set but no Defendant is liable for
Under the measure, the plaintiff could assess the financial resources of potentially liable parties and settle with primarily liable but financially limited defendants before trial and still hold a minimally liable defendant with substantial assets responsible for all of the damages.
In Parmalat, the investors argued that Deloitte member firms auditing Parmalat acted as a joint venture and each member was therefore liable for Deloitte Italy's alleged audit failure.
Last December, Britain's high court also held that DVT, which can sometimes prove fatal, is not an accident under international rules and thus airlines are not liable.
Judges at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg supported a tax law change that makes traders potentially liable for the VAT scams of others in the same supply chain.
The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that the owners of a Safeway grocery store are not liable for the repeated sexual assault of Jane Doe, a store employee.