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A salt or ester of levulinic acid.
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Summary: The market for ethyl levulinate is expected to witness a surge in the growth owing to increase in the demand for bio-based solvents
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Inj Intacal-IM (b) (Calcium levulinate) @ 15 ml IM, inj Dextrose 5% @ 2 liters i/v, inj.
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Water (Aqua), glycerin sodium levulinate, sodium anisate 3
The objective of scientists at Utah State University was to compare the antilisterial effectiveness of sodium levulinate (4-oxopentanoic acid), a five-carbon organic acid with GRAS status; sodium lactate; and sodium diacetate in refrigerated RTE meats.
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"Our hope is that this blend of levulinate esters and biodiesel would perform better over a wider range of temperatures than biodiesel," Mascal said.