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Support of the patient on a cushion of air.
[L. levitas, lightness]


Etymology: L, levitas, lightness, atus, process
(in psychiatry) a hallucinatory sensation of floating or rising in the air. levitate, v.


(lĕv″ī-tā′shŭn) [L. levitas, lightness]
The subjective sensation of rising in the air or moving through the air unsupported. It occurs in dreams, altered states of consciousness, and certain mental disorders.


n in psychiatry, a hallucinatory sensation of rising or floating into the air.
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Acoustic levitation is different from magnetic levitation technology.
Block diagram of the levitation system with an integrated neural network is shown in Fig.
In fact, Grosso betrays an early comfort with the possibility of levitation even as he explains an instance of what he calls "quasi-levitation" as a "partial answer" to why he became interested in the phenomena in the first place.
Here, a minimum interaction model containing the quintessential parts, a flexible bridge, and some levitation units is presented.
Flyte consists of a base and lightbulb, and combines two technologies: magnetic levitation and induction (wireless power transfer).
I served as the chairman of the committee, and in making the final decision requested that all the committee members identify solutions to all of the questions and answers on superconducting magnetic levitation railways around the world.
The most important parameter of a SMB is the developed levitation force between the superconductor and the magnetic source (PMG) [16-18].
To achieve levitation, Poulikakos and colleagues vibrate aluminum blocks about the size of postage stamps up and down, like tiny jackhammers.
The study, "Adipose tissue engineering in three-dimensional levitation tissue culture system based on magnetic nanoparticles," was published in the journal Tissue Engineering C.
In this shamelessly entertaining chronicle, Livingston, a former industry physicist and MIT lecturer, narrates the history and science of magnetic levitation in a clear and accessible manner inviting to both veteran and amateur enthusiasts.
com)-- Differentiate yourself in points of sales thanks to an original and striking way of displaying your products: the magnetic levitation.
The Maglev 200 Magnetic Levitation Haptic Interface, an instrument built by Butterfly Haptics, LLC, and developed in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon Univ.