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Support of the patient on a cushion of air.
[L. levitas, lightness]


Etymology: L, levitas, lightness, atus, process
(in psychiatry) a hallucinatory sensation of floating or rising in the air. levitate, v.


(lĕv″ī-tā′shŭn) [L. levitas, lightness]
The subjective sensation of rising in the air or moving through the air unsupported. It occurs in dreams, altered states of consciousness, and certain mental disorders.


n in psychiatry, a hallucinatory sensation of rising or floating into the air.
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Study co-author Daniele Foresti, a mechanical engineer at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and his team built tiny transducers powerful enough to levitate objects but of such diminutive size that they can be packed closely together.
CAP THAT: Levitate, ridden by Darren Egan, enters the winners enclosure after winning The William Hill Lincoln at Doncaster
VICTORY CHARGE: Levitate (second right), ridden by Darren Egan goes onto win at Doncaster
But apprentice Darren Egan got Levitate up in the dying strides and Brae Hill lost second to another fast finisher, Global Village.
I most loved the act in which the circus master made a performer levitate in the air," Reem Arafat, 14, said after the show.
Caught in the colorful web, we follow the infinite enamel skeins until the complex interconnections levitate off the canvas and we become part of the web.
Benefits are said to include an oil-free design that eliminates the need for an oil management system and any related costs: only one major moving part, the compressor shaft, for increased reliability; whisper-quiet sound levels of 71 dBA so that no special sound deadening or mechanical room modifications are needed: and a built-in variable speed drive motor and frictionless, magnetic bearings (that require only two amps to levitate and start rotation of the compressor shaft) that are said to eliminate inefficient compressor cycling.
More important, it has a built-in variable-frequency/variable-speed drive and frictionless magnetic bearings that require only 2 amps to levitate and start rotation of the compressor shaft.
The Queen placed her gloved hand on an electronic ball and 729 spheres, suspended on metal cables, began to levitate.
The Queen placed her hand on an electronic ball and 729 spheres, suspended on metal cables, began to levitate.
When asked to perform the same feat, the young man appears to have failed until it becomes apparent he has succeeded in using his new skill to levitate a barmaid holding two pints of Carling.
You probably think we levitate while we are washing up the dishes