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Earlier, Commandant Mohmand Rifles Col Omar Bukhari said that 295 recruits of Mohmand Levis were trained during the nine weeks state of the art training sessions.
Meanwhile, Levis and other physicians are continuing to study the drug in a clinical trial testing lower doses.
The UAE is an important market for Levis and there is significant demand from our customers to enjoy these shopping rewards.
Their mission accomplished, Levis and Bailey decided to head home, but the Southeast Louisiana Red Cross chapter asked them to stay and staff a first aid station along the Mardi Gras parade route.
Levis and his team assumed management of PSEG's nuclear facilities when the services agreement was implemented in January, 2005.
I was in Hartlepool for the election and just happened to have my catsuit with me," Mrs Levis, the `Purple Hearts' coordinator for Fathers for Justice, said.
I never understood how anyone could risk his life," says Levis, "then listen to Vivaldi.
Levi Strauss announced a year ago that it would launch a 'value' range of clothing with jeans costing around pounds 25 -significantly cheaper than ordinary Levis.
It eventually lost a ruling in the European Court of Justice in 2001 over the Levis issue, although it promised to continue stocking designer brands such as clothes, fragrances, sportswear and Champagne at low prices by purchasing them in the EU - a practice still allowed under trade rules.
Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada, Levis, Quebec, was merged into Desjardins-Laurentian Life Assurance Co.
Through the course of six books of poetry, Larry Levis had written so many elegies for others, himself, and all passing things that his death in 1996 seemed a peculiar and sad fulfillment of his poetry.