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We're seeing a breakdown of barriers in terms of what people will say - that's not good for kids," Levis says.
Levis is currently active in community groups including the Philadelphia Archdiocese Catholic Charities Appeal and the CEO Council for Growth, based in Philadelphia.
En Brasil, el picudo, Sphenophorus levis Vaurie, 1978 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) es considerado plaga primaria de la cana de azucar, por el dano que ocasionan sus larvas al destruir la parte subterranea de la base de la planta y los tallos.
Levis says one of the biggest lessons he's learned is the necessity to step back from the day-to-day operation of the business.
Subsequently, Levis Force have registered a case and launched a probe into the incident.
The Political Administration with the help of Levis arrested the driver Irshad and lock-him up in agency headquarters Parachinar.
Some early examples of Levis make many hundreds of pounds.
Levis has got fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani to work on a special edition of the denims called Diva.
We are delighted to welcome Levis and Dockers to the Air Miles programme," said Dave Battiston, CEO, Air Miles.
Words from the Latin levis have something to do with being light in weight.
She leaves a niece, Karen Gaudette in Spencer, a niece, Linda Roehl and nephew Levis Hayward, Jr.