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Gabrielle, French neurologist, 1886-1935. See: Roussy-Lévy disease, Roussy-Lévy syndrome.
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Likewise, in free zones, no customs duty is levied upon the exportation of goods outside of the free zones.
But a brief statement from City read: "After amicable talks between the parties Mario Balotelli has chosen to accept a two week fine levied upon him by the club and withdraw his disciplinary appeal.
be levied upon the whole of the assessment for real property.
Likewise, it does not contravene the directive to have the list of bank charges that can be levied upon consumers even in a field not harmonised by the EU directive.
request, made by a person other than the taxpayer who owes the taxes, for the return of property believed to be wrongfully levied upon or seized.
Ahlberg, who represented the condo association, said, "The mezuzah, of course, shall remain upon the doorpost, and no penalties or fees shall be assessed or levied upon Ms.
He said: "Those who drive in from out of town have to contend with the parking charges levied upon them.
A not insignificant tax is levied upon every household in the land in order to pay for the BBC.
Abbottabad -- There is no tax levied upon the telecom services in the current budget for the fiscal year of 2011-12, but all the cellular service providers started charging on their respective helpline, if one wants to chose package for SMS or call tariffs or wants to get to connect with the customer relation officer, he/she would be charged Rs 1 + tax, which is totally unjustified.
I also urge them to examine longterm solutions, for instance by removing the threshold under which betting shops pay no levy, by ensuring that offshore betting on UK races is levied upon and by examining betting exchanges, in which an ordinary punter lays the bet rather than an organisation.
College leaders say the tuition increases are needed to help offset cuts that have stripped state funding from the campuses in the last two years and to cope with reductions expected to be levied upon them in a year.
The many venues across Cardiff would be potentially disadvantaged if there were additional costs levied upon them when trying to attract inward investment such as large events.