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Gabrielle, French neurologist, 1886-1935. See: Roussy-Lévy disease, Roussy-Lévy syndrome.
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The Customs authorities will assess the leviable duty/taxes and fine after adjudicating proceedings.
Additionally, considering the totality of facts and circumstances of the case, the penalty leviable on individual officials/office bearers of the three battery manufacturers and the AIDCM was computed at the rate of 10 percent of the average of their income for preceding three years.
The decision on when to raise the actual cess leviable on the same will be taken by the GST Council in due course, it added.
Holding out the prospect of a regulatory nightmare, Lord Pannick said that, if Hills' arguments are correct, "then a single betting transaction could have multiple leviable bookmakers, including the broker, the backer and the layer.
Relevant data of the past clearances was retrieved/scrutinized which led to detection of 26 such cases wherein leviable duties/taxes had not been paid.