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1. The actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
2. The mechanical advantage gained thereby.

leverage (leˑ·v·rij),

n chiropractic technique in which the thrust is applied with counterstabilization so that the force of the initial thrust is not lost.


Actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
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Leveraging the Akamai EdgePlatform, these organizations gain business advantage today, and have the foundation for the emerging Web solutions of tomorrow.
Contivo, the leading provider of automated data integration solutions with its Contivo Vocabulary Management Solution (VMS) products today announced the release of Contivo VMS On-Demand, which enables project teams to achieve complex integration by leveraging an on-demand repository for building, leveraging and managing vocabularies.
By leveraging sFlow, which is natively available in Foundry's best-of-breed network infrastructure, Lancope delivers a powerful and effective security solution that integrates easily into customer environments and scales to meet the growing security needs of enterprise customers.
A key component of CSFB's business strategy is leveraging our leading franchises globally where we see market opportunity in other regions," said John Popp, Managing Director and Global Head of the Leveraged Investments Group at CSFB.
Fitch expects MFC's run rate earnings trends to remain strong in 2005 as the company demonstrates the leveraging of product and distribution strengths and greater realization of consolidate related expense synergies.
for leveraging deeper retail stocking insights to dramatically improve performance at the shelf.
Offering a comprehensive framework for the collection, management and exchange of public health data, SeeBeyond enables the creation of new business processes leveraging existing infrastructures through Service-based Packaged Composite Applications (PCA's).