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1. The actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
2. The mechanical advantage gained thereby.

leverage (leˑ·v·rij),

n chiropractic technique in which the thrust is applied with counterstabilization so that the force of the initial thrust is not lost.


Actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
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In order to extricate themselves from their leveraged life SERPs, companies have several alternatives: (1) take a portion of the policy's remaining cash value and purchase a reduced paid-up policy to avoid tax consequences; (2) kill the plan and pay the taxes; (3) do an IRS Section 1035 tax-free exchange, using a funding mechanism that avoids future leveraging of corporate-owned life insurance.
Improving the quality of information on the risk profiles of hedge funds and certain other highly leveraged institutions is particularly challenging because the liquidity of markets permits them to alter their risk profiles significantly within days or even hours.
Under discouraging circumstances, AMF sold the unit to management in a leveraged buyout transaction at an attractive price.
The majority of leveraged ETFs and inverse leveraged ETFs were created by ProShares (part of the ProFunds Group), Direxion, and Rydex/SGI.
Lenders to leveraged enterprises have been, in large part, those that can most easily absorb losses without major systemic consequences.
was entering an economic slowdown, highly leveraged companies are flush with cash and have generally improved balance sheets by reducing debt levels and/or extending maturities,' said Eric Tutterow, Managing Director, U.
Second-lien loans are favored by a new generation of institutional investors that have the capacity to make larger commitments and frequently prefer floating rate obligations,' said Lisa Matalon, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings Leveraged Finance team.
Fitch mapped these loans back to the broader leveraged loan market and compared their characteristics to those of overall leveraged loan issuance during the same period.
In addition to providing cutting-edge delivery services to Japanese companies that offer online game contents, Akamai's global platform is being leveraged in Japan to drive the commercial use of the Internet by companies in a variety of fields including image-delivery services, financial services, food and beverage services, cosmetics, and multimedia.
LONDON -- Ares Management Limited, the London office of Ares Management LLC, has announced the appointment of four investment professionals to its European Leveraged Credit team.
Concerns center on a competitive industry environment and, relative to its key competitors, a more highly leveraged capital base, higher levels of single risk relative to its capital base and greater exposure to reinsurers.
In Fitch's view, the inability to completely rely on traffic and revenue studies, particularly for greenfield and highly leveraged, long-dated structures, requires a transparent, alternative approach to assessing the ability of the toll road to service debt on a full and timely basis.