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1. The actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
2. The mechanical advantage gained thereby.

leverage (leˑ·v·rij),

n chiropractic technique in which the thrust is applied with counterstabilization so that the force of the initial thrust is not lost.


Actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
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In order to extricate themselves from their leveraged life SERPs, companies have several alternatives: (1) take a portion of the policy's remaining cash value and purchase a reduced paid-up policy to avoid tax consequences; (2) kill the plan and pay the taxes; (3) do an IRS Section 1035 tax-free exchange, using a funding mechanism that avoids future leveraging of corporate-owned life insurance.
Improving the quality of information on the risk profiles of hedge funds and certain other highly leveraged institutions is particularly challenging because the liquidity of markets permits them to alter their risk profiles significantly within days or even hours.
Under discouraging circumstances, AMF sold the unit to management in a leveraged buyout transaction at an attractive price.
If you have any information about leveraged ETFs or leveraged inverse ETFs, or would like additional information about our investigation, please contact us at 800-443-8260.
1 These guidelines emphasized that the circumstances associated with highly leveraged deals require that creditors exercise credit judgment with special care, assessing those risks that are firm-specific as well as those common to all highly leveraged firms.
For coverage covenants of any type in leveraged loans the frequency was 67% for the full year, down slightly from 69% in 2005 and below its 1996-2006 average of 78%.
Fitch expects that the emergence of a weak credit environment with a rise in the default rate would slow the rate of second-lien leveraged loan growth and additionally enhance both borrowers' and investors' perceptions of mezzanine and high yield markets as favorable financing alternatives.
The survey found that 50% of the leveraged loans contained in the reviewed CLOs were used for shareholder-friendly activities, compared with 29% for the overall leveraged loan market.
LONDON -- Ares Management Limited, the London office of Ares Management LLC, has announced the appointment of four investment professionals to its European Leveraged Credit team.
Concerns center on a competitive industry environment and, relative to its key competitors, a more highly leveraged capital base, higher levels of single risk relative to its capital base and greater exposure to reinsurers.
In Fitch's view, the inability to completely rely on traffic and revenue studies, particularly for greenfield and highly leveraged, long-dated structures, requires a transparent, alternative approach to assessing the ability of the toll road to service debt on a full and timely basis.
BOSTON & NEW YORK -- Direxion Funds, a leading provider of leveraged index and alternative-class mutual fund products, has changed the investment objective of its commodity bull fund, and renamed it the Direxion Commodity Bull 2x Fund to reflect the increased leverage that it now offers.