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1. The actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
2. The mechanical advantage gained thereby.

leverage (leˑ·v·rij),

n chiropractic technique in which the thrust is applied with counterstabilization so that the force of the initial thrust is not lost.


Actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
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Best broadly defines operating leverage as debt (or debt-like instruments) used to fund a specific pool of matched assets.
To recognize and examine the leverage effects of the chosen consumers' product companies of Pakistan.
Moody's also highlights that while leverage may not be a robust forward looking indicator of such systemic crises, it could still indicate higher vulnerability to the impact of a banking crisis on the wider economy.
Analysis of insurance company results shows that those companies retaining the most negotiating leverage with their agents are most successful.
Although the ruling provides an outline for a leverage structure, the industry is still working out the practical and legal implications of these transactions.
Mezzanine and other creative financing techniques will play a prominent and vital role in attaining attractive leverage levels.
To achieve I/O leverage, the receiver cannot afford the time to set up the field first.
To better leverage your time, focus on the l's, because they have the biggest payoff.
7 billion of leverage outstanding, secured by $124 billion in assets under management;
In a consolidated return, the income of Dana's subsidiary, Leverage Leasing, was reported on the cash method of accounting, while Dana and other subsidiaries reported gross income and expenses using the accrual method.
I am pleased to appear before this committee to discuss the President's Working Group on Financial Markets' Report on Hedge Funds, Leverage, and the Lessons of Long-Term Capital Management.
When firing out of a stance, our blockers must bring their chest off their thigh on the first step, to help achieve leverage at the contact point.