level of manifestation

level of manifestation,

n in acupuncture, a specific region in the body in which an obstruction exists and blocks the flow of blood or energy through the principal meridians, thus resulting in pain.
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Choosing the methods and means used in the physical education and sport activities can be determined by the level of manifestation of the equilibrium capacity (coordination) of children.
Ascertaining the study confirms the research hypothesis and the need to educate the equilibrium capacity, of coordination in comparison with the level of manifestation of the individual motor qualities.
Figure 2 shows that the level of manifestation of all forms of after-contract employees' opportunism declines sharply if various forms of non-financial incentive are increased.
The increase of activity specificity leads to the increase of the level of manifestation of all studied factors of after-contract opportunism, with such forms as flubbing in absolute value manifested more than the opportunism form of malversation.
Separating and assessing the factors influencing the level of manifestation of inner-company opportunism and comparing the data with particular forms of endogenous opportunism of employees gives more of an opportunity of constructing a more adequate system of preventing negligent behavior.
44) That is why we can grasp the true beauty of the supreme being only at the level of manifestation of the determined varieties of the all.
Establishing a verification system formed of 6 control tests for the evaluation of the level of manifestation of the physical capacities "speed" and "power" and a set of 12 plyometric exercises, I have configured the base of performing the experimental research, within which the experimental class performed, during 64 classes of physical education, a 10-minute program included in the structure of "development of physical qualities", when the rationalised and standardised plyometric exercises in execution were used.
1961) or Urtebise (1994), I am exclusively and expressly using the concept of "power" since, in general, performance, in most of the sport branches, is determined by the level of manifestation of speed and power in the movement of the body and of its segments in horizontal or vertical plan, in direct relation to the specificity corresponding to each of these.
elaboration of the structure of control tests to be used for the verification of the level of manifestation of the conditional qualities speed and power, presented in tabel no.
Improving the optimum level of the manifestation of the physical condition must be realized in a total equilibrium, reported to the future situation of graduate of a technical faculty; health state is the aspect that fundaments the man's evolution and on this base, we can build a high level of manifestation of the individual physical condition.
The management of the physical education and sports class on the means specific to athleticism, creates favorable conditions for promoting an adequate mentality to understanding the necessity of continuous and systematic physical activity in view of maintaining the health and improving the level of manifestation of the resistance in power regime.