level of aspiration

lev·'el of as·pi·ra·tion

in clinical psychology, the degree or quality of performance (exhibited in a testing situation) that a person desires to attain or feels he or she can achieve.
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Growing up, there was a level of aspiration and that inspired me to seek a similar level of success in what I did.
" The statement pointed out that the visit comes "in the framework of Iraq's keenness to raise the horizon of bilateral cooperation between the two countries to the level of aspiration of the two peoples." Hakim is accompanied by the President of the Investment Authority, the President of the Reconstruction Fund for Iraq and the undersecretaries of the Ministries of Finance, Interior, Transportation, Reconstruction, Housing, Electricity, Sports and Youth, Head of the Border Crossings Authority and representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Oil, and the Civil Aviation Authority, "according to the statement.
Stella added: "Our key themes for 2019 are clean air, upturning ideas of Tees Valley as a dirty industrial landscape, and a commemoration of the moon landing, symbolising the level of aspiration we have for our future.
"This level of aspiration is what we want for all our young people - so that their voices are heard as they become the caring, compassionate people they deserve to be."
"We have been accused of being against private education in general," Hamadeh said, adding, "Even though we do recognize its importance, yet public education is secular and it is for the nation and the citizen." Hamadeh hoped that the Democratic Gathering would work on elevating public learning to the level of aspiration of the late Martyr, Mentor Kamal Jumblatt.
In Buddhism this form of leadership is particularly linked with an authenticity of aspiration since a Buddhist leader would generally be expected to have a higher level of aspiration than the people they lead.
Setting up a certain level of aspiration depends on the potential skills, effort of will, social environment and material and cultural conditions, and the success and failure trAireasubiectivA (possible success to raise aspiration and failure to decrease).
For BMW, it plugs a gap in their model line-up as a full-size MPV but for the punter it releases a new level of aspiration in the family car sector.
In return, I will invite them to, for example, seek to localise their supply chain, involve themselves in our local schools to raise young people's level of aspiration, provide apprenticeships, and pay the proper living wage of PS8.25 (as opposed to the Government's "national living wage" of PS7.20).
Addressing a huge gathering of heads of state, ministers, business corporates, civil society and the media in Lusaka, Adesina said that the Bank has raised its level of aspiration for Africa through its High 5 development priorities.
What exactly is a 'smart city' According to the Smart Cities Mission promoted by the Ministry of Urban Development in India, another country which has already begun to integrate the concept within its community development agenda, "the picture of a smart city contains a wish list of infrastructure and services that describe his/her level of aspiration. To provide for the aspirations and needs of the citizens, urban planners ideally aim at developing the entire urban eco-system, which is presented by the four pillars of comprehensive development institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure."
Rotter's research and writings spanned seven decades and ranged widely in subject matter from level of aspiration to interpersonal differences in personality.