level of aspiration

lev·'el of as·pi·ra·tion

in clinical psychology, the degree or quality of performance (exhibited in a testing situation) that a person desires to attain or feels he or she can achieve.
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While highlighting the objective of the New Deal on Energy for Africa to fast-track universal access to energy by 2025, President Adesina reaffirmed the commitment of the African Development Bank to work hand-in-hand with our partners to increase the level of aspiration and investment in Africa s energy sector, building on the success of key initiatives such as President Obama s Power Africa Initiative and in the Bank s capacity as host of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Africa Hub.
Points of negotiation to consider include: Know your worth and aim |high: successful selling depends on your attitude, it is vital you raise your own level of aspiration.
We need people to look at what good looks like and raise the level of aspiration in our schools.
In well-meaning efforts, many colleges have created high-touch but low-impact programs to help Black students (labeled at-risk or under-prepared) "catch up" with middleclass, White and Asian peers, whose outcomes are not stellar, but are unfortunately considered to be a level of aspiration.
Those same youth tend to view the military with high admiration but not to the level of aspiration or prestige they associate with college.
The general level of aspiration in many communities constrains what a school can do.
Also, students belonging to the majority/ethnic groups were found to possess higher level of aspiration, whereas the rural students or the students belonging to the poor families have lower aspirations.
However, Chien et al showed no statistical differences in achieving intelligible speech, level of aspiration, and level of diet attained between patients reconstructed with either a radial forearm flap or an anterior thigh flap after near-total or total glossectomy.
concluded that "nearly all individuals of western culture, when first exposed to a level of aspiration situation, give initially a level of aspiration which is above the previous performance score, and under most conditions tend to keep the goal discrepancy positive" (1944: 357).
Starting out with a high level of aspiration and need to achieve as described in motivational psychology.
were analysed to determine the level of aspiration according to the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1997).
Betiefs of self-efficacy affect the effort teachers put into teaching, the goals they set, and their level of aspiration.