levator veli palatini (muscle)

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le·va·tor ve·li pa·la·ti·ni (mus·cle)

muscle of soft palate; origin, apex of petrous portion of temporal bone and lower part of cartilaginous pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube; insertion, aponeurosis of soft palate; action, raises soft palate; through the expansion of its fleshy belly during contraction, it helps to "push" open the auditory tube for equilibration of pressure; nerve supply, pharyngeal plexus (cranial root of accessory nerve).
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Elevation of the palate, which closes the valve, is accomplished exclusively by contraction of the levator palati muscles, which form a sling-like structure running through the palate and pharynx.
Chronic excess nasality can only be improved by learning to control the levator palati muscles. Exercises that might help develop this control include sustained vocalizing on lip or tongue trills, raspberries, and voiced fricatives or sibilants (/v/ or /z/).
Traction on the uvula during its amputation should be avoided because this would result in excessive shortening of the uvula and interruption of the insertions of the levator palati muscles into the muscularis uvula.

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