levator ani

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levator ani

A broad, thin, flat muscle, located on the pelvic sidewall, which forms the pelvic diaphragm when joining with its twin. It supports the pelvic viscera and surrounds the structures that pass through it.

Inferior gluteal artery.

Pudendal, perineal and inferior rectal nerves, sacral spinal nerves (S3, S4).

Inner sidewall of the lesser pelvis.

Coccyx, levator ani of opposite side, and structures that pass through it.
Medspeak-UK: pronounced, leh VAY tore ANN ee
Medspeak-US: pronounced, LEH vuh tore ANN ee
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levator ani

A broad muscle that helps to form the floor of the pelvis.
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We found significant inverse relationships between clinical factors such as PR and advanced prolapse, prior pelvic reconstructive surgery, as well as levator ani hiatal area on contraction.
The subsequent procedure was performed according to our previous report.[4] To consider the depth of tumor invasion: (1) in those rectal tumors not involving the ischioanal fat or levator ani muscle (T3), the dissection plane may continue close to the outside of the external anal sphincter and the inferior aspect of the levator ani muscles, leaving 1 cm of the levator ani muscles on the pelvic sidewall to keep the terminal branches of the pudendal nerve intact [Figure 2]a.
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Frequently recommended treatments for patients with conditions such as levator ani syndrome and coccydynia include digital massage of the levator ani musculature and/or mobilization of the coccyx.
New advances in imaging techniques have the potential to provide objective confirmation of findings assessed by examination, such as levator ani injuries, or structural findings not clear to the clinician, depending on pelvic anatomy, during a clinical examination.
With further research, DeLancey says, doctors may be able to better predict a woman's risk for levator ani tears and other pelvic injuries, and perhaps help women like Carol avoid them.
Myogenic changes of the levator ani muscle in premenopausal women: the impact of vaginal delivery and age.
The left ischioanal fossa cystic lesion (solid arrow) shows enhancing wall and internal septations, breaching the left levator ani muscle and extending into the left perineal subcutaneous fat (dashed arrow).
In this paper, we report to our knowledge the first case of levator ani necrosis in a patient treated with HIFU.
The internal obturator muscle was elevated and sutured medially and laterally by coccygeus and levator ani muscles using mattress pattern 1-0 polypropylene sutures followed by subcutanelous sutures using polygalactin 910.
The pelvic floor consists of several muscles, primarily the levator ani and coccygeus muscles.