levamisole HCl

levamisole HCl,

n brand name: Ergamisol;
drug class: immunomodulator;
action: may increase the action of macrophages, monocytes, and T cells, which will restore immune function;
uses: Dukes's stage C colon cancer, given with fluoruracil after surgical resection.
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In Front Line Demonstration (FLD) program 1289 demonstra-tions on protective deworming with Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Hcl suspension (Neozide Plus) and Fenbendazole and Praziquantel suspension/ tablets (Fentas Plus (a)) were given to 808 livestock owners of seven adopted villages in five blocks namely- Gadidolta (Bichpuri), Nooharika (Saiya), Bhavanpura (Saiya), Nagla Vishnu (Kheragarh), Aheerpura (Saiya), Nagla Heera Singh (Akola) and Aardaya (Achenera) during 2008-2015.
1999) levamisole against gastro intestinal tract nematodes by (Ihsanullah, 1999) levamisole HCl and oxfendazole against gastro-intestinal nematodes in common peafowl (Pavo cristatus) (Ashraf,et al.
The average faecal egg count in birds of group B treated with levamisole Hcl was 1100 pre-medication.