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Maurice, U.S. pathologist, 1908-1994. See: Lev disease, Lev syndrome.


pref See levo-.
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Tomislav Donchev, the minister in charge of Bulgaria's use of EU funds, said that the money needed to help the Haskovo region recovery would add up to about 75 million to 80 million leva.
In February 1994, Leva announced a major restructuring at GPU that included, besides the combination of the two Pennsylvania companies, the formation of GPU Generation Corporation to operate the company's fossil-fired and hydroelectric plants, the initiation of a performance improvement effort in all GPU companies, and a review of the company's personnel requirements.
In his remarks, Leva kept the audience focused on the future.
As for growing the business, Leva said that Energy Initiatives had a successful year with two joint acquisitions, the first a generating company in Bolivia and the second a distribution business in Australia.
Prices were substantially up this year, according to bTV, which said that felled trees cost up to 25 leva and live potted trees from 30 to 60 leva.
We did things like cutting down the number of characters from eight to five and keeping the movement from one scene to another to a minimum,'' Leva said.
A 40-year veteran of the GPU System companies, Leva began his career as a ground hand with Jersey Central Power and Light Company, GPU's New Jersey operating unit.
As with the 1994 program, Leva pointed out that there would be very limited "backfill" of positions vacated as a result of the new early retirement program.
Leva president and chief executive officer and a director of this electric utility holding company.
Ownership of those generating units remains with GPU's three operating subsidiaries, which, with the creation of GPU Genco, can now more closely focus and dedicate their efforts and resources on their local energy distribution and customer service functions, Leva said.
Tickets: 40/50/60/80/100/150 leva sold at the NDK ticket centre and online at eventim.
The prospects for growth in the Australian economy provide GPU with a great opportunity to diversify our future revenue sources while keeping to our core business," Leva said.