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Maurice, U.S. pathologist, 1908-1994. See: Lev disease, Lev syndrome.


pref See levo-.
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Doctors explained the tumour was getting so large that it was pressing on one of her kidneys, and Leva started the first of nine cycles of chemotherapy.
Tomislav Donchev, the minister in charge of Bulgaria's use of EU funds, said that the money needed to help the Haskovo region recovery would add up to about 75 million to 80 million leva.
Our primary responsibility is to supply our customers with competitively priced, reliable electric service," Leva said.
Further, the increase is supported by the overall strength of GPU's financial and operating condition," Leva added.
50 leva) and Red Bulls (5 leva each) and an enthusiastic D.
A BBSS Gallup poll said that this year, Bulgarians would be spending about 89 leva on gifts for relatives, about 10 leva less than last year.
Baskins-Leva, a literary agent, actress and story analyst, had persuaded husband Gary Leva and friend Nancy Joslin into seeing the film, which portrays a hellish day in the life of a New Jersey convenience store clerk.
On March 19, Leva announced GPU's intent to consolidate its New Jersey business unit, Jersey Central Power & Light, with its Pennsylvania business unit, Metropolitan Edison/Pennsylvania Electric.
Tickets: 30/40/50/60/70/80 leva sold at the NDK ticket centre and online at eventim.
Ownership of those generating units remains with GPU's three operating subsidiaries, which, with the creation of GPU Genco, can now more closely focus and dedicate their efforts and resources on their local energy distribution and customer service functions, Leva said.
Tickets: 40/50/60/80/100/150 leva sold at the NDK ticket centre and online at eventim.
The prospects for growth in the Australian economy provide GPU with a great opportunity to diversify our future revenue sources while keeping to our core business," Leva said.