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Pertaining to or characterized by leukocytes.
Synonym(s): leukocytal
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Pertaining to or characterized by leukocytes.
Synonym(s): leucocytic.
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Q. can i get a short explanation about white blood cells and their job? what does it mean if i have a insafition

A. White blood cells (WBC's) are the ones responsible for the immune system in the body. The white blood cell count rises in cases of infection, steroid use and other conditions. A low white blood cell count can have many causes, which need to be further evaluated by a doctor.

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Analysis of Histopathological Parameters in all the Groups Cellular Perivascular mononuclear Atelectasis intensity inflammation grading Kruskal-Wallis 16,470 16,514 16,621 df 2 2 2 p-value 0,000 0,000 0,000 Bronchial damage Leukocytic grading infiltration Kruskal-Wallis 2,502 16,621 df 2 2 p-value 0,286 0,000 Table 3.
On histopathological analysis, the casts were composed of fibrin with sparse leukocytic infiltrate, consistent with a diagnosis of PB (Figure 5).
Human infection with Ehrlichia canis, a leukocytic rickettsia.
Zika virus appears to be different from some TORCH agents (such as cytomegalovirus, Treponema pallidum [syphilis], Toxoplasma, and rubella virus) and other hematogenously transmitted infections in transiting from the maternal to the fetal circulatory systems through the placenta, producing a range of tissue-destructive abnormalities in the fetal brain, and yet not eliciting a maternal or fetal inflammatory leukocytic response in the placenta.
Among these, large vessel vasculitis represents a heterogeneous group of complex disorders (e.g., giant cell arteritis, Takayasu's arteritis) in which chronic inflammatory lesions of the blood vessels are characterized by granulomatous pan-arteritis with focal leukocytic infiltration [106].
Multiple biopsies showed highly vascularized granulation tissue with leukocytic infiltration and foci of necrosis.
Growth factors (Transforming Growth Factor (TGF-[beta]1), Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF-[beta] [beta]), Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)), leukocytic cells, and their cytokines (tumor necrosis factor a, interleukin-1[beta] [IL-1[beta]], IL-6, and IL-4) are enmeshed within the PRF fibrin matrix.
Focal areas of leukocytic exocytosis were seen in the overlying epithelium.
In regard to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) administration for the patient with necrotizing fasciitis, there are many benefits, including, but not limited to, a direct anaerobic bacterial effect especially for clostridial species, a decrease in endotoxin activity, an increase in leukocytic phagocytosis, and a reduction in free radical production.
Mahre, "Effects of dexamethasone on leukocytic responses in pregnant Yankasa ewes and Sahel does in Maiduguri, Nigeria," Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, vol.
With regard to biomarkers for psychosis (in non-PD subjects), a recent study on leukocytic miRNA comparing healthy subjects with persons who were at high risk of psychosis without progressing to psychosis and individuals who did develop psychosis over a course of 2 years showed a specific pattern of expression of small regulatory miRNAs in people who developed psychosis compared to those who did not [115].

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