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The most common sign of retinoblastoma is white pupillary reflex, known as leukocoria.
Imaging modalities for leukocoria include B-scan ultrasound (US), computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance (MR); however, MR is commonly employed for detailed evaluation of the intraorbital contents.
Leukocoria (61%) was the most common symptom, followed by proptosis and strabismus (20.
Apart from restoring of his eyesight (retinopathy with leukocoria and partial retinal detachment), Joel will have to undergo treatment for a hearing impairment and hernia, the spokesperson added.
Most babies/children present with a 'white' reflex, cat's eye, or leukocoria as the light reflects off the tumour.
A photograph of a child with leukocoria will show a white eye reflex instead of a red one.
While a normal retina reflects back red, a retinoblastoma tumor will create a white reflection, a condition called leukocoria.
No evidence of raised intracranial tension or leukocoria.
observed in their retrospective analysis that of 27 patients diagnosed with Coats' disease, most were referred with an initial diagnosis of intraocular tumor and the most common symptoms were low vision, strabismus and leukocoria.
Afra Ebrahim, a one-year-old baby girl, was diagnosed with leukocoria (white pupil) in her left eye when she was eight months old.
Varene and Poujol6 also demonstrated the value of echography in evaluation of leukocoria.