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The Mann-Whitney non-parametric test was used to continued on page 24 compare normal, CIVIL, and leukemoid results.
A high LAP score with no blast population present could direct the physicians to the differential diagnosis for leukemoid reactions.
34) A leukemoid response can also appear to be very similar to CML when severe inflammatory reactions cause immature granulocytes to shift back to progranulocyte stage.
Editorial Note: The localized inflammatory process affecting skin or muscle combined with systemic toxicity characterized by a leukemoid reaction suggests the role of a toxin-mediated cause of illness among IDUs in Scotland, Ireland, and England.
This is performed on peripheral blood smears and can help differentiate between reactive granulocytosis or leukemoid reactions from CML.
16] In some patients with MM, a leukemoid type reaction will develop - a situation that indicates terminal progression of their disease.