leukemia inhibitory factor

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leukemia inhibitory factor

a lymphokine that inhibits the migration of neutrophils.

leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF)

a cytokine named for its ability to suppress the spontaneous proliferation of lymphoid stem cells.

leu·ke·mi·a in·hib·i·tor·y fac·tor

(lū-kē'mē-ă in-hib'i-tōr-ē fak'tŏr)
A lymphokine that inhibits the migration of neutrophils.
Synonym(s): leukaemia inihibitory factor.

leukemia inhibitory factor

Abbreviation: LIF
A cytokine that regulates the growth and differentiation of many cells throughout the body, including endothelial cells, fat cells, embryonic stem cells, germ cells, osteoblasts, and peripheral nerve cells.
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Preconditioning-induced protection from oxidative injury is mediated by leukemia inhibitory factor receptor (LIFR) and its ligands in the retina.
Leukemia inhibitory factor extends the lifespan of injured photoreceptors in vivo .
Leukemia inhibitory factor coordinates the down-regulation of the visual cycle in the retina and retinal-pigmented epithelium.
STAT3 activation in photoreceptors by leukemia inhibitory factor is associated with protection from light damage.
A secreted von Willebrand factor type a domain-containing factor, is regulated by leukemia inhibitory factor in the uterus at the time of embryo implantation.
TNF-alpha-mediated stress-induced early pregnancy loss: a possible role of leukemia inhibitory factor.
Stem cell factor and leukemia inhibitory factor promote primordial germ cell survival by suppressing programmed cell death (apoptosis).