leucine aminopeptidase

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leu·cine a·mi·no·pep·ti·dase (LAP),

aminopeptidase (cytosol).

leucine aminopeptidase



A proteolytic enzyme present in the pancreas, liver, and small intestine. Its serum level is elevated in disease of the pancreas, esp. acute pancreatitis, and in obstruction of the common bile duct.


Leu; a naturally occurring amino acid, essential for growth in the young and for nitrogen equilibrium in adults.

leucine aminopeptidase
a digestive enzyme of small intestine enterocytes (brush border).
synthetic form of leucine.
leucine enkephalin
leu-enkephalin; see enkephalin.
natural form of leucine.
leucine zipper
a structured motif found in some DNA binding regulatory proteins formed from a region of α-helix containing at least four leucines, each separated by six amino acids from one another; the leucines align along one edge of the α-helix with one leucine at every second turn of the helix such that the leucine of one protein can interdigitate with the leucines of another protein in a zipper manner.
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A family with high serum leucine aminopeptidase activity derived from a novel variant CD13.
The aim of this work was investigation on Effects of three Different Probiotics on the Leucine Aminopeptidase (LAP) enzyme activities in the small intestine mucosa of broilers.