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1. A decrease, decline, or relaxation, as of effort or energy.
2. A disappointment: The cancellation of the game was a real letdown.
3. The descent made by an aircraft in order to land.
4. A physiological response in lactating females, activated usually in response to sucking or crying by an infant, in which milk previously secreted into the alveoli of the breasts is released into the ducts that lead to the nipple.
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milk letdown

, letdown
The ejection of a mother's milk from the alveoli of the breast into the mammary ducts and to the nipple.
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Perhaps because he's seen enough letdowns. The 2003 Washington State game, he says, "was like we got caught in a vortex of the Bermuda Triangle."
An injection molding operator, for instance, simply enters into the controller the target shot weight and letdown ratio.
She said: "I'm a complete letdown. At home the stilettos come off.
Shearing and viscosity control also are necessary for effective letdown and mixing.
It has been a real letdown that we are in this position but if you are realistic you have to say it has just not happened on the pitch on a consistent basis.''
EXILED Ireland winger Mark Kennedy is headed for another big letdown this week.
The format and arrangement by decade are identical in both Ibelings' books, but whereas, in the first, one was struck by the inexhaustible variety and profusion of talent, the sequel leaves one with a feeling of letdown. As each decade succeeds the last, the conviction grows that since the pre-war period, when such humane designers as Berlage, Granpre Moliere, Dudok, Wijdeveld and De Klerk were working, Dutch architecture has been in accelerated decline.
She contemplates the letdown whenever you actually get what you've longed for: in this case, a grass suit.
While it is heartening to learn that the modern mainstream is learning the value of mixing tart fruits and meats, it's something of a letdown to find that this "novel" antioxidant has been patented, given that Indians subsisted for centuries on fruited pemmican.
You could also, instead, conquer your own VCR, rent Jacques Tati's Playtime or Stanley Kubrick's Lolita, and spare yourself the letdown.