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Any of a family of elementary particles that participate in the weak interaction, including the electron and its associated neutrino.
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The fundamental particles of matter are in two families, leptons and quarks.
Alien will broaden customer deployments of the new ETSI 302 208 readers and Lepton tags in October with initial production shipments in November 2004.
We at Lepton work very hard to bring unique products that help organizations realize the true power of location based content.
This award is another feather in the cap for Lepton and it further strengthens its relationship with Pitney Bowes Software.
interacting fundamental particles, or quarks, and six weakly interacting particles, or leptons.
Perl during the exciting times at SLAC when he discovered the tau lepton.
Clr Scott said: "It is really disappointing that Lepton was singled out considering that Kirkheaton is a similar sized community.
Also, Lepton offers the complete gamut of Map data products for meeting the growing need of location information of organizations operating in markets like Mapping, BI/ BA, Vehicle Tracking, Navigation, mobile applications etc.
The lepton category includes charged particles such as electrons and muons, and uncharged, virtually mass-less particles known as neutrinos.
When I sent an email protesting about the closure of Lepton library to the leader of the council, Clr David Sheard, I copied in Clr Robert Light and Clr Bill Armer, leader of the opposition on Kirklees and the informal leader of the majority group on Kirkburton Council, respectively.