leprous neuropathy

lep·rous neu·rop·a·thy

a slowly developing granulomatous neuropathy, commonly seen in leprosy, caused by Mycobacterium leprae.
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Similar to our study, they identified causes of neuropathies as inflammatory neuropathy, leprous neuropathy and geographic and occupational distribution of adverse agents.
Over several decades, emphasis has been placed on understanding, preventing, and treating leprous neuropathy as the source of these disabilities and deformities, and therefore as the root of the stigma associated with Hansen's disease.
Historically, studies examining sensory function following ND for leprous neuropathy have generally used monofilaments and/or the ballpoint pen test (BPT) and have less frequently used nerve conduction studies.
A wide range of differentials has to be considered as there are no absolutely diagnostic clinical features of leprous neuropathy. Although nerve thickening is a soft pointer, there are other rare conditions in which a patient presents with NFI and thickened nerves.
AIM AND OBJECTIVES: Study was carried out at over a period of 2 years from September 2011 to September 2013 with following objectives: To study the pattern of entrapment neuropathy biopsy proven leprous neuropathy. The sequential improvement entrapment neuropathy in leprous neuropathy with antileprosy treatment.
The diagnosis of leprous neuropathy was based on clinical examination of cutaneous and neurological system confirmed by histological abnormalities in skin biopsy, skin smear, nerve biopsy.
nerve function impairment or leprous neuropathy) is one underappreciated aspect of this disease's pathophysiology and may benefit from innovation in early detection and treatment in order to prevent the stigmatizing physical disabilities.
Notably, two prospective cohort studies demonstrated that at least 30% of patients with leprous neuropathy did not improve.
Proprioceptive loss in leprous neuropathy: a study of 19 patients.
Leprous Neuropathy: Assessment of nerve damage by special electrophysiologic techniques and teased single nerve fibre studies.
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