lepromin reaction

lep·ro·min re·ac·tion

a delayed hypersensitivity reaction at the site of an intradermal injection of a lepromin, such as the Dharmendra antigen or Mitsuda antigen, in a lepromin test; the reactions, such as the Fernandez or Mitsuda reaction, are variable, occurring in 48 hours or 3-5 weeks, but are uniformly negative in lepromatous leprosy, borderline leprosy, and mid-borderline leprosy.
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In this timing set, HIV infection before leprosy, cellular immune response represented by lepromin reaction, lymphoproliferation and INF-gamma release were relatively affected in both lepromatous and tuberculoid forms.
Alcais and coworkers (2000) showed that NRAMP1 was linked to lepromin reaction, (45) whereas another group worked with the microsatellite of the promoter region and found that a combination between some genotypes and the lepromin negative reaction could contribute to susceptibility.