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Irish mythological figure, usually depicted as dwarflike and somewhat distorted.
leprechaunism - congenital condition characterized by insulin resistance and growth retardation.
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systematic exploration focusing on identifying new gold targets outside of the Leprechaun Gold Deposit, with an emphasis on the J.
The National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin was contacted for comment on but a spokeswoman said she had never heard of leprechaun-themed porn.
Leprechaun mythology has been alive and well in Ireland for more than a thousand years and will likely live on for centuries more.
Steven says: "I'd love it if leprechauns had been running around Kensington, but it was obviously just a childish fantasy.
A LEAGUE of leaping leprechauns will be hoping to raise a pot of gold for Teesside Hospice.
The safest place to hide this leprechaun gold was at the end of a rainbow--where only leprechaun magic could reach.
These new drill results show the continuation of near surface gold mineralization, including wide intervals with high-grade intercepts, northeast along strike in an area ~700m from the current NE boundary of the Leprechaun Gold Deposit (see Figure - SZ).
Both individuals died recently and were ardent supporters of the Leprechaun Society.
From the famous leprechaun to the never-heard-of-it Oillipheist, Ireland is riddled with monsters of all shapes and sizes.
Spring Break with Paddy O'Rourke: Book Two" is a funny continuation of the adventures of nine-year-old Jason and his secret leprechaun trickster, Paddy, whom he has inherited from his Irish grandfather.
REGARDING the recent letters about TomSlemen and theKensington leprechaun 'mania'' of 1964.