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Acronym for lentigines (multiple), electrocardiographic abnormalities, ocular hypertelorism, pulmonary stenosis, abnormalities of genitalia, retardation of growth, and deafness (sensorineural); of autosomal dominant inheritance.


a big, graceful, yellow cat with dark brown to black spots and a long, thin tail. It is spread widely through the world. Called also Panthera pardus.

leopard cat
clouded leopard
the coat color is grayish but in other respects this cat resembles Panthera pardus. Called also Neofelis nebulosa.
snow leopard
dark spots on a white skin and a long, thick tail make this a very handsome cat. Called also Uncia uncia, ounce.
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The male leopard was rehabilitated from the wild in 2014 and was subsequently paired with the female in November 2014.
The 34-second video, shot from a close distance, shows the snow leopard moving casually along the road, unaware of car headlights and people shouting.
He also reiterated the will of the present Pakistani government and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and said that Pakistan is seriously committed to the global efforts for protection and conservation of endangered snow leopard.
Eventually, Curtis was able to reverse the jeep and free himself from the leopard - but that wasn't the end of the ordeal.
Each villager made it sure to get a glimpse of the leopard, before taken for postmortem by the forest department, a villager said.
You can't hold a snow leopard and not feel like that's probably one of the peaks in your life," says Kyle.
The market for leopard pelts has mostly dried up, the National Geographic said, but there's still a certain cachet associated with ensnaring such an exotic creature.
The monitoring conducted with support of Russia's World Wildlife Fund allowed to record around 50 snow leopards in the Gissar State Nature Reserve, south-western Uzbekistan, Reserve Deputy Director Bahtiyor Aromov told RIA Novosti.
The leopard entered the village in Baitadi district early Wednesday and took off with the child, the Kathmandu Post daily reported.
Since its most common habitat is Central Asia, the Snow leopard is considered an indicator of health for the mountainous ecosystem in the region.
To supplement the German Army loaner vehicles, the Canadian government also purchased 100 surplus Dutch Army Leopard 2A4s.