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Of, relating to, or characteristic of a lion.
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The course, the first of its kind offered at the higher education level in Pakistan, titled 'Introduction to Sports Management' was offered as a Management elective to third and fourth year students at LUMS, and was taught by the Leonine Global Sports Chief Operating Officer, Shoaib Naveed.
That has always been a primary aim of Leonine Global Sports".
6) Entities such as Paget's and fibrous dysplasia can have similar leonine facies but tend to asymmetrically involve the maxilla and mandible.
Several authors have reported one being initially misdiagnosed for the other, infiltrative leonine facies being a finding common to the two diseases.
The lord is about to depart (actually, he's about to be reincarnated into a god) and two beasts vie for his crown, regal leonine Iozen and gruff, ursine Kumatetsu.
Ejemplo de este tipo de especies de parasitos son Toxascaris leonine y Toxocara spp.
A new Moon shines over your fellow fire sign of Aries, stirring that glorious Leonine sense of adventure and very likely opening the door to a freer chapter, possibly at work, maybe in your personal life.
Seven parties were in the running to claim stakes in the league including Haier, Omar Associates, ARY Group, Mobilink, Arif Habib Group, UAEs venture capital Leonine Global and Qatars oil company QALCO.
Let's be clear, were it not for my positive Leonine nature, I'd be screeching 'hold on a cotton-picking minute, you prehistoric misogynists
Appropriately, the discussion begins by addressing the various ways in which Leonine rule played on the healing topos, which was expressed in words, deeds, and imagery.
In fact, the only thing predictable about the leonine Geordie comedian is how utterly unpredictable he is.
5%], 8 dogs with Toxocara canis [10%], 14 dogs with Toxascaris leonine [17.