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Congenital cataract 82 eyes No associated findings 56 Microcornea 12 Persistent fetal vasculature (PFV) 3 PFV and microphthalmia 1 PFV, microphthalmia, and posterior 1 synechiae Lentiglobus and lenticonus 2 Flat anterior chamber, protruding 1 iris, and posterior synechiae Abnormal greyish anterior sclera 2 Complex anterior segment dysgenesis 2 Aniridia (PAX6 mutation) 2 Juvenile cataract 12 eyes Marden-Walker syndrome 2 Muscular dystrophy 2 Post laser coagulation for ROP 3 Juvenile rheumatic arthritis associated O with chronic anterior uveitis 2 Posttraumatic cataract 2 Posttraumatic cataract and anterior 1 lens capsule perforation 1 Table 2: Ocular anomalies and systemic diagnosis of the affected patients (20/63) with cataract are listed.
Cataract exhibits a variety of morphologies that comprises anterior polar, pyramidal, anterior lenticonus, cortical lamellar, fetal nuclear, posterior polar, posterior lentiglobus, posterior subcapsular, persistent fetal vasculature (PFV) and traumatic disruption of lens.