lens capsule

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capsule of lens

the capsule enclosing the lens of the eye to which the zonular fibers attach.
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lens cap·sule

(lenz kap'sŭl)
The capsule enclosing the lens of the eye.
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The geographical distribution of fibrillopathia epitheliocapsularis, so-called senile exfoliation or pseudoexfoliation of the anterior lens capsule. Acta Ophthalmol (Copenh) 1969;47(3):792-810.
Catalase activities in dogfish ocular tissues Whole tissue 15K g supernatant Tissue % [O.sub.2] per minute per [OD.sub.280] Retina 2.52 [+ or -] 16%(*) 2.78(#) Iris 2.48 [+ or -] 20% 3.15 Cornea epithelium 1.36 [+ or -] 14% 2.23 Lens capsule epithelium 1.78 [+ or -] 12% 2.01 Aqueous humor 0.02 [+ or -] 50% 0.03 B.
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Inclusion criteria for healthy adults (Group B) included age between 20-65 years, no evidence of pseudoexfoliative material at the anterior lens capsule and/or at the pupillary margin, IOP less than 21 mmHg at three different successive measurements, open angle, normal optic disc and Humphrey visual field tests and no family history of glaucoma.
The new method also retains the lens capsule membrane that acts as a scaffold for the new lens to grow on, Dr Zhang told OT.
* Burst mode is not performed since hole in iris may occur before completion of burst leading to damage of anterior lens capsule.
It perforated her cornea and ruptured her lens capsule.
The infectious episodes accompanied by recurrent hypopyon were attributed to anterior lens capsule injury and introduction of microorganisms to the lens during antifungal administration to the anterior chamber.
The main inclusion criteria was an existing and detectable pseudoexfoliation syndrome with its characteristic findings in the anterior segment which includes the typical PXF disc with its fluffy deposits on the anterior lens capsule, the transillumination defect on the pupillary borders, and the poor pupillary dilation (maximum pupil diameter 3.5 mm in spite of medical-induced mydriasis).
Exfoliation glaucoma was diagnosed if exfoliation material was seen on the corneal endothelium, iris surface, angle structures of the anterior chamber, pupillary margin, or lens capsule. No histopathological analysis of iris specimens was done.
Phacoemulsification may be leading to an increased blood-aqueous barrier (BAB) permeability by removal of the pseudoexfoliatve material produced by the anterior lens capsule causing a reduction in IOP7-10.