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lengthening (lengkˑ·the·ning),

n the use of various massage or muscle energy techniques to relax and stretch muscle and connective tissue.
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Lengthening was stopped when the Malhotra station had normalized or when further lengthening did not improve distal fibular alignment.
We modified scoring system of Paley et al2 (Table 2) for outcome of tibia lengthening procedure on basis of clinical and radiological criteria.
Limb lengthening is used as a treatment of several conditions, including restoration of length to limbs shortened by congenital abnormalities, major fractures and other medical problems, such as shortening due to radical cancer surgery.
If one considers all Voro stem and non-initial syllable alternations within one grade alternation system, then the system should include in addition to quality and quantity alternation a lengthening alternation as a subcategory of the latter type.
The magic 50% lengthening effect is created with the Magic Extension Brush -- a thin wire brush that uses fewer, open fibres that lets you reach more lashes from root to tip.
In (6b) lengthening occurs; and assimilation also follows after lengthening because the mid tone gives way to a high tone.
Lengthening the existing runway will enable BIA to compete with Manchester and London airports by handling non-stop flights to India, China and the west coast of America.
The lengthening will increase the passenger capacity by about 35% and provide more cabins with balconies.
A compromise that includes redistricting reform while keeping term limits but lengthening the term in office is the answer to one of the state's biggest political problems.
Lengthening the passenger version to match the freighter adds 20 seats, plus an additional 12 when combined with overhead galley cart storage, lifting passenger capacity to 496 in a standard Boeing three-class configuration.
although this lengthening must not be as much as if the notes were dotted .