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lengthening (lengkˑ·the·ning),

n the use of various massage or muscle energy techniques to relax and stretch muscle and connective tissue.
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Having looked at various pronouns and their interactions in various environments, we observe that subjects are lengthened on a high tone in subject position; the verb is lengthened on a mid tone when it has an object, and the first word in a genitive construction lengthens its vowel on a mid tone.
Shybut has already used the method to lengthen the leg of one patient whose shattered shinbone was the result of an accident.
Five six-car trainsets will expand the existing fleet, with the balance 40 cars being used to lengthen the existing sets from three cars to five.
SHADOWS Lengthen finished 2009 in ferocious form and is one to stay on the right side of as he makes his first start of the year at Southwell today.
Shadows Lengthen is clearly in rude health at the moment and looks set for his third win in less than a week in the Betdaq The Betting Exchange Handicap.
it does not lengthen consonants following a heavy initial syllable, and it does not display lengthening in trisyllabic words.
The deal means Alstom will produce four new 11-car Pendolino trains and lengthen 31 existing Pendolinos by two carriages.
Birmingham International Airport is to lengthen its existing runway.
Some studies have suggested that resveratrol works by activating the same genes that are turned on when an animal eats a severely limited number of calories, a method that's been shown to lengthen the lives of several types of organisms, including mammals.
Extend your left arm straight up toward the ceiling, and lengthen from both sides of the waist evenly.
Stretching arms lengthen and keep bag tensioned as more powder is discharged.
Category leader Maybelline/ Garnier, for example, has extended its Lash Discovery franchise with a unique Lash Discovery waterproof minibrush mascara that also has a technologically advanced minibrush and uses polymer technology to lengthen, separate and perfectly define lashes.