chrome yellow

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chrome yel·low

(krōm yel'ō), [C.I. 77600]
A fine yellow powder used in paints and dyes.
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frugiperda larvae responded visually to either lemon green or to lemon yellow dye to a significant extent when compared with rest of the dye treatments and the control during the 5-min-experiment (F = 13.
The new media is available immediately in silver or five neon colours - wild berry, lemon yellow, cherry vanilla, kiwi green and grape - and come in packages holding ten or 25 disks each.
Here sun and shadow dance across buildings of burnt sienna, turquoise, avocado, lemon yellow, fire-engine red.
Lemon yellow chairs with blue cushions add cheerful notes on the deck.
They're the vein type - some of my favourites - and are a lovely blend from lemon yellow through to violet and purple.
The Queen Mother, smiling and looking relaxed in lemon yellow frock, coat and hat, came to the gateway of her home at 11.
She last wore the lemon yellow hat and silk skirt during an official visit to the Sudan in 1985.
Table I-4-1 Some major producers of lemon yellow in China in 2008
Now with Android L being next in the pipeline, many believe it could be Lemon Yellow sort of thing Google might be contemplating, more so if the forthcoming Android L stands for Android Lime or Lemon.
The high street is beaming with yellow hues, from buttercup yellow dresses to lemon yellow pleated skirts and neon bright accessories.
Wear lemon yellow and tangerine in contrast with stark black for a great look, or on its own for greater impact.
For a chilled out springtime feel, opt for pale shades of blue and mix with zesty bolds like lemon yellow and spring greens.