chrome yellow

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chrome yel·low

(krōm yel'ō), [C.I. 77600]
A fine yellow powder used in paints and dyes.
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frugiperda larvae responded visually to either lemon green or to lemon yellow dye to a significant extent when compared with rest of the dye treatments and the control during the 5-min-experiment (F = 13.286, df = 5,24, P [less than or equal to] 0.001) and in the 10 min experiment (F = 17.160, df = 5,24, P [less than or equal to] 0.001).
Offered in lemon yellow color with an aluminum center, the casters are attached to a pressed steel plate with an aluminum die-casting bracket containing bi-level balls upon ball seats in the swivel head.
"The new species has a bright white belly and white whites of the eyes, whereas the species that I thought it was -- its closest relative -- has a lemon yellow belly and yellow whites of the eyes," Rowley said."There's also differences in the colour of the webbing, colour of the thighs, and we did look at body type as well so it does seem to be bigger than the other species."Molecular analysis confirmed Rowley's suspicions and she had the honour of naming the new species rhacophorus helenae or Helen's Flying Frog after her mother, who had recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
The ultimate power-dressing combination for spring is lemon yellow with ice blue, as already seen on the catwalk at Prada and Preen and on the cover of Vogue.
Popular spring colours will be lemon yellow, golden yellows, mandarin orange, blushing pinks, light golden browns, dark purples, aqua blues, smoky grays and shades of green.
Connell.' Introduced in 1987, this cultivar produces 8 cm (3 in), lemon yellow flowers in clusters of 3 to 8.
Uppermost is pale lemon yellow, then black then a more vivid lemon yellow.
by Mary Koski, and profiling illustrator Janeen Mason's visual feast in full displays of colors found in nature, ranging from lemon yellow fish to the olives and leaves of green.
Its large April flowers are the color of apple blossoms, its late-spring peeling reveals chrome-yellow skin, and its magnificent fall fruits are a light lemon yellow (only the color is light; you don't want to be under them when they fall).
According to designers in New York and Paris, you can't go wrong with hot colors--lime green, tangerine orange, hot pink and lemon yellow. Of course, black and white, and combinations thereof, are always stylish.
The attendants wore sleeveless gowns of berry iridescent organza, accented with matching wraps, and carried hand-tied bouquets of Carnival roses, lemon yellow miniature calla lilies, kermit poms, and lavender stock.