chrome yellow

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chrome yel·low

(krōm yel'ō), [C.I. 77600]
A fine yellow powder used in paints and dyes.
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frugiperda larvae responded visually to either lemon green or to lemon yellow dye to a significant extent when compared with rest of the dye treatments and the control during the 5-min-experiment (F = 13.
Its large April flowers are the color of apple blossoms, its late-spring peeling reveals chrome-yellow skin, and its magnificent fall fruits are a light lemon yellow (only the color is light; you don't want to be under them when they fall).
According to designers in New York and Paris, you can't go wrong with hot colors--lime green, tangerine orange, hot pink and lemon yellow.
with contemporized hand-blown glass table lamps in such vibrant colors as lime green, raspberry, red apple, amber and lemon yellow as well as several large-scale hurricane mood lamps.
The attendants wore sleeveless gowns of berry iridescent organza, accented with matching wraps, and carried hand-tied bouquets of Carnival roses, lemon yellow miniature calla lilies, kermit poms, and lavender stock.
The new media is available immediately in silver or five neon colours - wild berry, lemon yellow, cherry vanilla, kiwi green and grape - and come in packages holding ten or 25 disks each.
Here sun and shadow dance across buildings of burnt sienna, turquoise, avocado, lemon yellow, fire-engine red.
They're the vein type - some of my favourites - and are a lovely blend from lemon yellow through to violet and purple.
Poinsettias with bracts in light lemon yellow or cream pair beautifully with house plants with variegated foliage, especially when displayed in a large pot lightly brushed with gold paint.
She last wore the lemon yellow hat and silk skirt during an official visit to the Sudan in 1985.