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n Latin name:
Cymbopogon citratus; part used: leaves; uses: antitussive, antirheumatic, antiseptic, anxiolytic, antibacterial, antifungal, insomnia, vomiting, high blood pressure, fever; precautions: none known. Also called
capim-cidrao, Guatemala lemongrass, or
Madagascar lemongrass.
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Outcome Gentian violet Lemon juice Lemon grass Clinical success 9 16 15 Clinical failure 8 2 2 Total 17 18 17 Withdrawn 12 12 6 Total complete data 29 30 23 Incomplete data 1 0 6 Total included in study 30 30 30
matchsticks 1 cup fresh mung bean sprouts, rinsed 1 lime, cut in wedges Your choice of toppings: Grilled Beef with Lemon Grass and Garlic, Peppery Grilled Shrimp, and/or Sauteed Tofu (recipes follow) Garnishes: 2 green onions, thinly sliced; 1/4 cup Fried Sliced Garlic (recipe follows); 3 tbsp.
This study was, therefore, conducted to assess suitability of different soybean varieties cultivated in Tanzania for soymilk production and further investigate the effect of blending with pineapple, banana, lemon grass, and honey or sugar on acceptability of the resulting blends.
owns large tracts of land and grows Lemon Grass, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Jatropha.
Saturday night - Chinese mussels 1 kilo of mussels 2 fresh chillies, one red, one green 4 inches of ginger 3 stems of lemon grass 4-8 cloves of garlic 2 teaspoons Thai fish paste 1 tin of coconut milk Salt and pepper Coriander Method Wash the mussels removing any beards or barnacles.
Drain the rice, then place in a non-stick pan with lemon grass pieces, a pinch of salt and 525ml boiling water.
The genial TV presenter is on a mission to encourage gardeners to grow their own fruit and veg, but his latest book, The Kitchen Gardener, also offers advice on how to expand your culinary repertoire by growing items such as lemon grass, Thai basil and kiwi fruit.
was bursting with refreshing citrus and lemon grass flavors with potential to produce our best Sauvignon Blanc vintage ever.
Twelve unusual flavour combinations include Magic Mushrooms with sea salt and exotic dried African Caesar, porcini and chanterelle mushrooms, Rock of Ages - a combination of hand-harvested sea salt crystals and whole black peppercorns, Earth's Energy - a warm, woody mix of seeds and spices, Spirit of Fire - hot and tangy, natural sea salt fired with ginseng, chilli and horseradish, and Splash with sea salt, three dried seaweeds, black pepper, lemon grass, mustard seeds and pars]ey.
When comparing fresh herbs versus dried, the fresh had mean scores that were higher for chilli peppers, dill, garlic and oregano, while dried were higher for basil, ginger, Italian blend, cilantro, lemon grass and parsley.
Ingredients: 8 chicken thighs' 225g1 8oz shelled raw peanuts' 3tbsp sunflower oil' 1 onion, diced' 2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped' 1tsp chilli flakes' 1inch piece ginger, finely chopped' 1 stalk lemon grass, thinly sliced' juice of one lemon' 1tbsp brown sugar' 2tbsp fish sauce' 1tbsp dark soy sauce' 375ml hot water.