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The fruit of Citrus limon (family Rutaceae); a source of citric and ascorbic acid; the freshly expressed juice of the ripe fruit is used as a refrigerant diuretic in fever, in the form of lemonade.
Synonym(s): limon
[L. limon]
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Herbal medicine
A vitamin C-rich citrus fruit, the leaves of which are thought to be mildly sedative and antibacterial.
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[Persian limun, lemon]
Fruit of the tree Citrus limon, containing citric acid. Lemons contain enough vitamin C to prevent or treat scurvy. Lemon may be used in place of vinegar, spices, and aromatic substances by those who cannot use such items.


Food faddists who drink large quantities of lemon juice by sucking directly from the raw fruit may develop erosion of the enamel of their teeth.
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In addition to its culinary usage, lemon grass offers a wide array of medicinal benefits and is in extensive demand due to its antipyretic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic properties.13 Lemon grass contains substances that are thought to relieve pain, reduce fever and have antioxidant properties.
In addition, Chef Narong grows his own herbs on the hotel's roof, including the lemon grass. Sd and Chef Narong have been working together for 15 years, ensuring a harmonious management of the kitchen and restaurant; evident in the high quality of the food.
The second part used lemon grass, honey or sugar to mask the beany flavour in the soymilk.
In the Moretele Hospice, due to financial constraints, the treatment routinely given to patients with oral thrush is either lemon juice directly into the mouth or a lemon grass infusion made from lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) grown and dried at the hospice.
Just as the divine nature is wonderful so are Senna alata, bitter leaf and lemon grass. When processed into lotion for skin, soap, syrups, drugs and there seems or no doubt that in raw or well-prepared states, those plants can work wonders Lewington (1990).
Next use a steaming saucepan that has a perforated insert, and half-fill the saucepan with the water and add the remaining lemon grass. Put the lid on and bring to a simmer.
minced garlic (3 or 4 large cloves) 1 1/2 stalks lemon grass, outer layer peeled off and inner core minced (about 3 tbsp.) 3 tbsp.
The operation now has 20 hectares of lippia plantation and 10 hectares of geranium and lemon grass cultivation to provide the candle's fragrance.
If you place a stalk of lemon grass bought from the supermarket into a glass of water, roots will grow, and this can then be planted out in the garden.
There are more exotic flavours to be found in the Thai and Chinese infused oil ranges, including kaffir lime leaf, lemon grass, roasted garlic, sichuan pepper, spring onion, red chilli, Thai basil, ginger and a tempting blend made up of eight individual infused oils.
The hotel is also opening Lemon Grass, an Asian restaurant, and a Starbucks.
For the dipping sauce: Combine carrot juice, orange juice, lemon grass and hyssop in a saucepan and reduce by half.