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The fruit of Citrus limon (family Rutaceae); a source of citric and ascorbic acid; the freshly expressed juice of the ripe fruit is used as a refrigerant diuretic in fever, in the form of lemonade.
Synonym(s): limon
[L. limon]


Herbal medicine
A vitamin C-rich citrus fruit, the leaves of which are thought to be mildly sedative and antibacterial.


[Persian limun, lemon]
Fruit of the tree Citrus limon, containing citric acid. Lemons contain enough vitamin C to prevent or treat scurvy. Lemon may be used in place of vinegar, spices, and aromatic substances by those who cannot use such items.


Food faddists who drink large quantities of lemon juice by sucking directly from the raw fruit may develop erosion of the enamel of their teeth.
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Sometimes smaller and rounder than true lemons, Meyer lemons have a smooth skin and range in color from deep yellow to light orange, with a dark yellow or orange pulp.
6 LEMON juice can be used to replace salt in most recipes so can help cut sodium in your diet.
Lemon juice and/or zest can brighten salads, dressings, marinades, pasta dishes, casseroles, soups, stews, baked potatoes, baked goods, and fruit desserts.
The heat relaxes the juice pouches and makes it easier to extract the most juice from each lemon.
Roll the lemons to warm them and get the juices flowing.
Consumers that have the Lemon Wallet app will be able to make purchases from merchants with the Lemon Network without having to reenter their credit card information each time.
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Flavoring of your choice: a teaspoon of rose water or lemon extract of anise
Europeans were introduced to the lemon only in the 2nd century AD.
Stewart saw the beauty and versatility of the little-known Meyer lemon and brought forth a host of delicious recipes to share, and simultaneously increased the popularity and profits of California citrus growers.
For the vinaigrette: In bowl, combine preserved lemon juice and
Then we've some more substantial fare such as lemon biscuits and lemon and walnut cake.