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In this process, the image or leitmotif of Erewhon/Nowhere is a central element.
If there is one leitmotif in these superlative stories, it is that of Michon himself, the man and the writer: learning, finding, evolving, becoming himself, relating his impotence, rage, regret, transfigured loss, aspiration, poetic glimmers, grandiosity, unbridled hopes and dreams, and ultimately finding his own voice--in short, all that being a writer is.
Once that happened, Lacey's Transmaniastan, 2007, appeared less transition than leitmotif, signaling the ambivalence of observation that this exhibition--bookended by Ondak's ritual unveiling of what lies "underneath"--sought to reveal.
It is very much Liverpool Vision's intention to continue the work of ACME, maintaining the well-recognised brand, and, through Kevin McManus, continuing to provide intelligent and knowledgeable support, which has become ACME's leitmotif.
The kimono is a leitmotif in KyokoAAEs work; her kimonos have been described in the Vienna newspaper, Wiener Zeitung, as looking Aolike a feather robe, where spiderwebs have caught blossoms and leaves.
So much for unity: disarray through disaster is the leitmotif du jour.
But the recognition of meaninglessness, including disenchantment with the explanatory and corrective promises of scientific modernity, was no less a leitmotif in Russia's modern history.
Wagnerian in scope and opulence, Gerontius is bound together with the leitmotif device Wagner developed to perfection - recurring themes representing characters, moods or just about anything else.
A shared leitmotif, such as the repeated use of the verb "lehakkir [to recognize]," provides a clear illustration of this device in the patriarchal narratives.
WILLIAM FAULKNER USED THE FIRST LINE OF JOHN KEBLE'S HYMN "MATRIMONY" ["The voice that breathed o'er Eden"] several times as a leitmotif in The Sound and the Fury (1929), as has been observed in a recent article by Sally Wolff, Marie Nitschke, and Robert J.
The unspeakable" becomes the leitmotif in Zamyatin's novel, as D-503's most intriguing thoughts often collapse into ellipses, a teasing suspension of drama that never quite gives up the goods.